Made To Measure

At Thom Sweeney, our Made-To-Measure tailoring is true to our philosophy; equal parts contemporary, luxurious and comfortable.

A Streamlined Process

Unlike our bespoke tailoring service, Made-To-Measure tailoring is created by fitting customers into one of our ready-to-wear garments and then making changes to its pattern to improve the fit. You can choose your cloth, lining, and specify a wealth of styling details; single or double-breasted jacket, peak, notch or shawl lapels, pocket style, one or two buttons to fasten, jacket vents, and
trouser cut – the list goes on.

We also offer three different constructions for made-to-measure jackets. The first is our modern British construction, which features a lightweight chest canvas to add shape, plus a lightly padded shoulder and gently roped sleeveheads. We also offer a softly structured jacket with an Italian shoulder construction, and then a completely unstructured and unlined garment for something
more casual. Our team will discuss which construction will best work for you during your initial consultation.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Whereas a bespoke garment is constructed by hand, our Made-To-Measure tailoring is made in the same Italian workshop as our ready-to-wear garments, using some elements of machine stitching alongside hand-finished details. This streamlines the process and ensures that our garments are tailored to the same precise standard as our ready-to-wear collection.

When your suit or jacket returns from the workshop, we’ll arrange for a fitting with you in-store to make any final adjustments necessary. These will be completed by our specialist alterations tailors to ensure a perfect fit. We’ll check the fine details at this stage too and every suit will be finished with the same horn buttons you’ll find in our bespoke service.

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The Made-To-Measure Process


Visit us in London, New York or during one of our tailoring trunk

shows to discuss placing a new order with the team.


As with our bespoke service, during your Made-To-Measure appointment we’ll take some time to understand your lifestyle and the kind of garment you’d like to order. We’ll then discuss the style of suit or jacket and choice of fabrics that will suit you.


Our Made-To-Measure garments are sized up using fitting garments. We’ll take several measurements; some against your body and others with fitting garments on, to ensure we get an accurate assessment of your physique.


Around six weeks later, your order will return from the workshop, ready for fitting. At this stage, we’ll assess all aspects of the garment’s fit, and make final tweaks to details like the jacket’s waist and sleeve length, and trouser width and cuffs.


After your fitting, we’ll make any final adjustments to your new clothes by hand, using our specialist alterations tailors.


With final tweaks completed, your new Made-To-Measure suit will be ready for collection. You can visit us for one final try-on, or we can dispatch it to you if you prefer.

Make An Appointment

To make an appointment, please email with your preferred time and day.


  • What is the difference between Bespoke & Made-to-Measure?

    A Bespoke garment is unique to you, made to your precise specifications and based on a paper pattern created by our in-house cutters. Bespoke clients will go through an average of three fittings between placing an order and collecting a finished suit. Our bespoke suits are made by our dedicated team of cutters, tailors and finishers, and absorb up to 80-hours of work in the process. The time required to create a bespoke suit varies, but most suits can be finished within a 10-week timeframe depending on clients’ availability for fittings. 

    Our Made-To-Measure tailoring is fitted to you using our unique fitting garments, from which we take measurements and assess your build and posture. This allows us to carefully customise your suit for a superior fit. As with Bespoke, Made-To-Measure clients can choose their preferred cloth, lining and styling details. The garment will then be made in a specialist workshop in Italy, using traditional tailoring techniques. Most Made-To-Measure suits will be ready to fit approximately eight weeks after placing an order.

     To book a Bespoke or Made-To-Measure tailoring consultation, email


  • How long does the process take?

    Around eight to ten weeks with an average of three fittings

  • How many fittings are required for a Bespoke item?

    Normal 3- 4 Fittings 
    Basted Fitting, Forward Fitting, Final Fitting and there maybe some interim fittings to ensure everything is going to plan

  • How can I make an appointment for a Bespoke consultation?

    Visit us in London, New York or during one of our tailoring trunkshows to discuss placing a new order with the team, fill in the contact form above or e-mail us

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