Thom Sweeney Made-to-measure Tailoring

Good measure

A kind of halfway house between bespoke and ready-to-wear, made-to-measure is a more accessible entry point into commissioning your own garments. Produced by machine rather than hand, it can make for a very happy medium.

Bespoke tailors used to be sniffy about made-to-measure; now, it’s rare to find one that doesn’t offer both. Certainly we found a strong demand for made-to-measure, particularly from our younger clients who weren’t quite ready to graduate to bespoke.

With bespoke, we create a “pattern” or template from scratch; your garment is then made by hand, at our Weighhouse Street store. With made-to-measure, we adapt an existing template or “block” to your specifications; your garment is then made by machine, in the same Italian factory that produces our ready-to-wear.

Decision making

We offer the same choice of fabrics for made-to-measure as for bespoke. But because made-to-measure is adapted from an existing block, there are limits to how much it can be customised, and fewer fittings in which to fine-tune. Of course, the end result will still be an exceptionally well-tailored garment.

Affordability aside, the chief advantage of made-to-measure is a more streamlined process than that of bespoke.

If you’re not clear as to the precise difference between the two, or which is most fitting for you, then we advise that you complete the form below to book a consultation.

Made-to-Measure enquiry

Contact us to find out more or book your Made-to-Measure appointment. You can also call our Bruton Place store on 020 3475 2044.